SWIFT is committed in providing a highest possible 99.9% premium SLA uptime and 99.9% standard SLA uptime for its paid services in the hosting industry.

10X Service Credit Guarantee for Basic SLA.

• If the Service in our Basic SLA does not achieve the performance levels described in Parts 2, 3, 6, and 8 below (“Failure”), SWIFT will provide customer ("You") with a 10X Service Credit pursuant to the provisions, requirements, and limitations of this SLA.

• A “10X Service Credit” is a credit equivalent to ten (10) times Your fees for the impacted Service feature for the duration of the Failure. (For example, where applicable: a Failure lasting eight (8) hours would result in credit of eighty (80) hours of free service for the feature in question; a Failure lasting fifteen (15) minutes would result in a 150-minute, or 2 and a half hour credit). No credit will exceed fifty percent (50%) of Your fees for the Service feature in question in Your then-current billing month.

For instance:

Downtime 5 hours
Hosting Fee (Yearly) RM190.00/Year
Hosting Fee (Monthly) RM190.00/365 = RM0.521
Hosting Fee (Hourly) RM0.521/24 = RM0.022
SLA Credit RM0.022×5×10 = RM1.10

• 10X Service Credit cover only the hosting fees. All other fees such as setup fees, upgrade fees, managed services fees and other miscellaneous fees (e.g. managed firewall service, managed monitoring service) are not included.

2. Hardware Replacement Guarantee.

120-minute replacement of the following SWIFT provided hardware:

• Hard drive

• Memory

• Processor

• Power supply

• Network Interface Card (two per server)

• Motherboard (results in complete server replacement)

• Hardware firewall

SWIFT will repair or remove and install reasonably comparable replacements if it determines, in its sole discretion, that the hardware is defective. The period listed above begins upon such determination. The period listed above refers only to the time required to physically repair or replace the failed hardware element and does not apply to any time spent:

a) addressing data, operating systems, or other software or systems corrupted or destroyed by hardware failures; or

b) communicating with You regarding permissions or instructions.

3. Support Response Guarantee.

SWIFT is committed to providing support to our best efforts in Basic SLA.

A tracking number will automatically be provided to You promptly after opening of the Case (Upon Dedicated Account Manager's receipt of support request), and a human support engineer will review the support request within the timeframe listed above. SWIFT may reclassify any Case misclassified as falling into one of the EMERGENCY categories listed above, and such Case will not qualify for EMERGENCY treatment. Resolution and repair times vary, and this SLA does not address them.

4. Network Availability Performance, Domain Name Services, Power Availability & Performance.

SWIFT recognises the need to address the topics above. Due to the nature and various backgrounds, we will take appropriate actions to resolve each case on a case-by-case basis.

5. Credit Requirements and Limitations.

The following are required for credits:

1. You must open a support case during the Failure in question. You will open all Cases through SWIFT's Dedicated Account Managers. Your Dedicated Account Manager will open a Case for You, and You will provide complete information regarding the nature of the problem, including any information reasonably necessary for diagnosis and correction in the preceding sentence to the Dedicated Account Manager. You will provide the information required in this Part 5.1 even if SWIFT provides monitoring services.

You will provide the information required in this Part 5.1. even if SWIFT provides monitoring services. 2. You must provide SWIFT with accurate passwords for maintenance and repair use by SWIFT engineers. Delays or failures caused by Your

failure to abide by the requirements of this Part 5.2 do not constitute Failures.

3. You must request any credits by sending in Your request within 48 hours of the start of the Failure.

4. In the event of a system compromise on a host we are not maintaining, it is Your responsibility to back-up Your data and contact us to take action. Our policy is to immediately re-install any compromised servers on our network, as they pose a threat to all of our systems. We can perform a re-install/restore for a RM280.00 consulting fee. The typical downtime during one of these re-installs/restores is within 3 hours.

5. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in this SLA, the following do not constitute Failures:

(1) downtime during scheduled maintenance or Emergency Maintenance (as defined below) periods;

(2) outages caused by Your acts or omissions, including its applications, equipment, or facilities, or by any use or user of the Service authorized by You;

(3) outages caused by hackers, sabotage, viruses, worms, or other third party wrongful actions;

(4) DNS issues outside of SWIFT control;

(5) outages resulting from Internet anomalies outside of SWIFT control;

(6) outages resulting from fires, explosions, or force majeure;

(7) outages to Dedicated Account Managers' means of contact; and

(8) Failures during a “beta” period. “Emergency Maintenance” refers to any corrective action intended to remedy conditions likely to cause severe Service degradation, as designated by SWIFT in its sole discretion. Emergency Maintenance may include but is not limited to actions intended to address hardware or software failures or viruses/worms. SWIFT will exercise reasonable efforts to inform You in advance before interrupting the Service for Emergency Maintenance, but such notice is not guaranteed and failure thereof does not constitute Failure.

6. Terms of Service.

In the event of any conflict between this SLA and the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service will govern.